Comitê Brasileiro de Eletricidade, Eletrônica, Iluminação e Telecomunicações

Comitê Nacional Brasileiro da IEC

International Electrotechnical Commission

A participação na elaboração das normas internacionais IEC – International Electrotechnical Commission, é feita através do Comitê Nacional da IEC de cada país. O Cobei é o responsável pelo Comitê Nacional Brasileiro da IEC assegurando a participação do Brasil nas atividades da IEC.

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Participação brasileira na IEC

A pesquisa e compras de normas IEC pode ser feita diretamente pela webstore da IEC.

Ultimas notícias dos trabalhos da IEC:

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• e-tech magazine – The vital role of standards in our smart world

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Ferramentas e serviços on-line projetados para membros e experts em suas atividades
diárias da IEC:

• Collaboration Tools – A working area for more than 40 000 experts actively participating in the IEC, with functions such as document dissemination, group discussions and project management.

• Public Commenting – Not only do you get to preview Draft IEC Standards (CDVs), over a two month period before final approval, you also have the opportunity to help shape International Standards in your field.

• Electropedia – Contains all the terms and definitions in the International Electrotechnical Vocabulary or IEV which is published also as a set of publications in the IEC 60050 series.

• Events, Workshops & Committee Meetings – View our meetings calendar to find out more about upcoming meetings and events.

• Reference materials – Statutes / Directives / Agreement / Guias.

• Smart Grid Standards Map.

• Standards in Database Format – Some IEC publications have been developed in database format to better support the needs of standards users.

• Meeting Registration System.

• myIEC & myNewDocs.

• NewDocs.

• NewProjects.


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